BIind соw rеunitеs with hеr bеIоνеd sistеr aftеr mоnths aρart - Animals Paradise

BIind соw rеunitеs with hеr bеIоνеd sistеr aftеr mоnths aρart

They’d been apart for months, but now, this sweet cow and her ‘seeing-eye ‘ sister were finally together again.

Did you know that cows have best friends? According to research by the University of Northampton, cows have selective friendships.

They are a lot less stressed out when they are around their person and will gravitate back toward them when separated. This is especially true for cows that were reared together.

For cows Hope and Love, they were each other’s person.

They had spent the first eight years of their lives together and had a special bond.

This is especially so since Hope was born blind. This made Love take on the role of her seeing-eye buddy.

Hope and Love were born at a factory dairy farm.

Hope was later purchased by a family who was going to raise her and breed her for their family’s dairy needs.

But they later realized she was blind and bought Hope’s sister Love. This left Hope needing a new home. Thankfully the folks at Sale Ranch Sanctuary in Temecula, CA, were able to offer her refuge on their farm.

But that meant that these two cows who were inseparable were now separated. It also meant that Hope no longer had her seeing-eye cow.

Hope was definitely stressed when she first arrived on the farm.

But the rest of the animals on the farm really helped to make her comfortable.

They would lie down in a circle and groom each other, eat together, and sleep together.

“The girls absolutely remembered each other. Hope was so happy. It was really a magical moment the bond they had the first eight months of their lives. So, this is really special,” Jen said. “I really think that their bond is going to come back and be stronger and better than ever.” Two months after their reunion, Hope and Love were just as inseparable as they had ever been. “These girls will never be separated again. They have the rest of their life to grow old together and I am so grateful that we were able to reunite them so they can be together forever,” said Jen.