Wоman Sеts Hеr Hоrsеs Frее In Uкrainе Tо Giνе Thеm A Fighting Chanсе At Surνiνing Thе Bоmbings - Animals Paradise

Wоman Sеts Hеr Hоrsеs Frее In Uкrainе Tо Giνе Thеm A Fighting Chanсе At Surνiνing Thе Bоmbings

Putin continues to attaсk Ukraine putting the lives of people and animals at risk. The bombings and airstrikes are destroying buildings, homes, and horse stables.

One woman did the only thing she could to give her beloved horses a fighting chance at surviving the war.

Julia Molokova, who owns a horse farm near Kyiv, made the tough decision to set her horses free after a nearby stable was hit by a bomb. She did her best to mark her horses and then led all five to the nearby forest and set them free.

They all took off running due to nearby bombings, but one escaped and ran into town. The devoted horse owner tracked down the frightened horse and led him back to the woods to rejoin the herd.

Julia announced her heartbreaking act on Facebook and wrote, “That’s it. I took the horses into the field with three steps, transferred them across the river and released them near the Novobelitsky forest. The last fifth horse broke out twice from the explosions, ran around the city, then along the waterfront. Got it. Released it to the others. So they have a chance to sưrvivе.”

She sharеd photos and videos of her horses and went on to say, “You can throw stones at me, but I have not found any other way out. Two foals: young Uve and old Hypur, two merinas: Runner and West and a thin Martini mare that we picked up before New Years Eve. Live long, my dear horses! Here’s your chance. I don’t want to wait for the second bomb to arrive and explode, likе in Babushkin’s garden not far from us. I’m happy that the first shell came in, but it didn’t break. I really hope to see you after the war.”

Julia begs people who encounter her horses to let her know they are alive and safe and to please offer them water.

One of the posted videos showed the horses playing together in a large field and bombs can be heard in the background. People from around the world have reached out say they are praying for her and hope she is reunited with her horses in the near future.

“Breaks your ♥, run swift horses ..stay one step ahead,” commented one person. Another said, “Praying for you and your horses and for everyone in Ukraine 😭🙏😭🙏”.

UPDATE: Four of Julia’s horses have been spotted and she is tirelessly working to find a way to transport them out of the country and to safety.

On March 26th she posted, “Please help to get two horses out of Buchi (salt masti stallion and red merin). They stand closed on the territory of the local gorvod canal (76 Pushkinskaya Street). Also two horses (a crow stallion and a red merin) walk along Irpen. They were seen downtown the other day. If there are volunteers who do the export of animals from these areas, I will pay as much as it takes! Please help get them out of there! 🙏🙏🙏 There were five of them, but nothing is known about the fate of the fifth horse (red mare) at the moment.”