Rеsеarсh shоws that Iоsing a dоg is just as hard as Iоsing a Iоνеd оnе - Animals Paradise

Rеsеarсh shоws that Iоsing a dоg is just as hard as Iоsing a Iоνеd оnе

Those who have Iơst a dog before know that the pain is just as unbearable.

Dogs are not just animal companions or home pets. Anyone who’s ever owned a dog before will tell you that their dog is also a member of their family. Sadly, unlikе humans, a dog’s lifespan isn’t that long. Depending on its breed, a dog’s life usually averages from 10 to 13 years only.

They just can’t be with us that long, that’s why losing a dog is just as hard or could even be harder than losing a loved one.

It might sound unbelievable but it’s true.

While real dog lovers mourn over the dеаth of their beloved pet, some people will relentlessly tell them “it’s just a dog” or “you need to move on.”

Some people don’t get it, losing a dog isn’t easy and it will never be. Moving on from losing a beloved pet is easier said than done. Although you can have another dog after, starting over again is not going to be easy.

In fact, scientific research proves that the pain a person feels after losing a dog is valid and real.

It can even be harder to move on from losing a pet than losing a human loved one.

It may sound absurd to some but it’s one of the many things they discovered from the research.

We normally bond with our animal companions the same way we do with humans, likе family and friends. And during this process, hormones and chemicals are released in our brain.