A LittIе Rabbit Was Dumρеd At A ShеItеr Bесausе Hе Was ‘Tоо Affесtiоnatе’ - Animals Paradise

A LittIе Rabbit Was Dumρеd At A ShеItеr Bесausе Hе Was ‘Tоо Affесtiоnatе’

Ryann Sadler raced over to see two newborn bunnies that had been âbаndơnеd at the SPCA of Texas in December 2017.

Sadler, a long-time shelter volunteer and bunny parent, was horrified to see the arrivals’ plight; they were very little and had excessively overgrown claws. Sadler took the small male rabbit in her hands to begin clipping his claws, and to her astonishment, he began licking her all over with his little tongue.


Sadler had no idea bunnies likеd to give kisses — but there she was, being smooched by one.

“I was holding him and he just started licking my hands,” Sadler told The Dodo. “I said, ‘What on Earth!?’ My rabbit Pepper has never done that. We were just blown away with how sweet and friendly he was.”

Sadler instantly fell in love with the loving little rabbit, and when she read why he was surrendered, she was officially set on bringing him home.

“The owner said Peter was ‘too affectionate’ and ‘needed too much attention,’” Sadler said. “He was the snuggliest bunny ever — I couldn’t believe anyone would give him up!”


Despite the fact that her family was not wanting to adơрt another rabbit, Sadler and Peter fell in love at first sight. Peter was only 5 months old at the time, but he was already full of love.

While much of Peter’s history is unknown, it was evident that he was simply seeking for the right person to comprehend his kind attitude. (And, thankfully, the female rabbit Peter brought to the shelter eventually found her perfect home as well.)

“He is very loving, likеs to be hugged, and will sit on my chest licking my face,” Sadler added. “It’s the most delicious thing in the world.”

Rabbits will groom other rabbits they love being around, but not every rabbit will demonstrate this delicate expression of devotion toward humans. It’s hardly surprising that it’s one of Peter’s favorite things to do.

In addition to kissing people, Peter loves doing laps around the house and jumping up into the air.

He gets so excited around visitors and the family’s Yorkshire terrier sometimes that he won’t stop skipping and leaping around in celebration, Sadler said.

“We knew nothing about rabbits a few years ago,” Sadler explained. “They are a large burden that needs a great deal of careful attention.” They are, however, some of the funniest and most affectionate creatures ever, much likе Peter. Every day, he makes us happy.”