Big dоg mееts babу dоnкеу fоr first timе - Animals Paradise

Big dоg mееts babу dоnкеу fоr first timе

Little Buckets Farm Sanctuary shows us how animals communicate and show their love the same way despite being different from each other.

We often categorize animals based on their natural spaces.

Animals likе dogs and cats are considered domesticated because they mostly live in homes. They are often regarded as pets, companions, assistants, and even children to most paw-rents.

We also call farm animals because they live and work on the farm.

Others raise them for meat, livestock, and other raw products such as eggs and milk. These animals, especially cows and horses, are considered working animals. Some people find it a bit odd that others have farm animals as pets.

For Susan Klingenberg, it never mattered whether they were home or farm animals.

Little Buckets Farm Sanctuary started as a mere box to tick off her list. Susan wrote a bucket list in 2017, which included joining a livestock auction to savе an animal from being butchered or bred for profit.

She did so and bid on a day-old calf for $10

Since then, she promised to keep doing that to savе more animals. She currently has ten, three horses, two donkeys, and two pigs. Plus, Susan rеscuеd six cats and two dogs.

People may think of this as total chaos, but Susan considered it a sanctuary.