BIaск bеar suссеssfuIIу еνaсuatеd frоm Uкrainе tо Gеrman sanсtuarу - Animals Paradise

BIaск bеar suссеssfuIIу еνaсuatеd frоm Uкrainе tо Gеrman sanсtuarу

The ongoing invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces has shocked the world and affected millions of innocent lives. Many civilians have had to flee their homes, while others are stuck under heavy fire.

While the toll on human life has been tragic and immeasurable, it’s also greatly affected Ukraine’s animals, from pets stranded at the border to zoo animals, who have been scared by the sounds of bombs overhead.

But thankfully there are also kindhearted volunteers who have been risking it all to evacuate these animals and transport them to safety.

According to the Associated Press, Malvina had been living in a private zoo in Eastern Ukraine until the invasion began, when she was transported to White Rock Bear Shelter in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv.

From there, on March 16, Malvina and several other black bears were transported by the Animal Protection Association of Schleswig-Holstein to Germany.

“Since we still had room for a collar bear in our animal welfare center, it was immediately clear: Malvina is coming to us!” German animal nonprotif Tierschutzbund wrote on Facebook.

As has often been the case during this crisis, transporting an animal across a war-torn country wasn’t easy, but they got Malvina out safe and sound and now she is in good hands.

“The transport became difficult, but in the end we were able to safely bring Malvina to Weidefeld.

Recently, another animal made it to a safe haven across the border: a 7-year-old black bear named Malvina, who was evacuated from war-torn Ukraine to a protection center in Germany.

Malvina is now settling in well with her new surroundings. White Rock Bear Shelter was happy to see their old friend made it out safe and sound.

We’re so glad Malvina is safe and sound. Thank you to everyone who helped her finally get to safety.