Hamоriко, Thе OId and Abusеd Dоnкеу Whо CоuId Nоt WaIк, Has Fоund a Nеw Fоrеνеr Hоmе - Animals Paradise

Hamоriко, Thе OId and Abusеd Dоnкеу Whо CоuId Nоt WaIк, Has Fоund a Nеw Fоrеνеr Hоmе

Hamoriko is a 40-year-old donkey who spent all his life carrying carts.

He was not properly fed in spite of the heavy work, and his former owner did not care about his health needs.

It was only when Hamoriko could no longer stand that his former owner decided to give him his freedom. And, fortunately, the old donkey was found and taken in by the Starting Over Sanctuary.

Staff at the Starting Over Sanctuary could feel their hearts bleeding upon seeing Hamoriko. So thin, so tired, the animal could not walk, and even the muscles in his mouth were so weak that he could not eat.


Starting Over Sanctuary provided for all his needs, from supporting his legs so he could stand up to nutritious food and the companionship of other animals. Above all, they enveloped him with the warmth of their love and unwavering support.

Yes, love can create miracles. It strengthened Hamoriko’s will to live.


Later, after two months, as the other animals gathered around him, Hamoriko tried to stand on his own. And even though he failed, it touched the heart of everyone at the sanctuary.

Then, a week later, the next miracle happened! Hamoriko was able to stand without help. And he started jumping and running!
It was the fulfillment of everyone’s prayer!


Now, Hamoriko eats healthily and roams everywhere. He now also plays the role of the king of the sanctuary, overseeing the hundreds of animals in this Israeli refuge for donkeys, horses, sheep, dogs, ducks, and many others who have suffered from people’s hands.

Hamoriko had his sharе of pain from abuse, but at the Starting Over Sanctuary, he finally found a home where he and other animals likе him are loved infinitely!