Tеnnеssее GirI ParaIуzеd Aftеr Frеaк Swimming Aссidеnt & FamiIу Praуing fоr a MiraсIе - Animals Paradise

Tеnnеssее GirI ParaIуzеd Aftеr Frеaк Swimming Aссidеnt & FamiIу Praуing fоr a MiraсIе

A 7-year-old girl from Tennessee is paralyzed after a freak swimming accident earlier this month. When tragedy struck, Sarah Faulkner was swimming with her family at Hurricane Creek at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch campground in Waverly. A teenager jưmреd from a 30-foot-high rock and landed directly on the girl’s back.

After the accident, she could no longer feel anything from the chest down. Sarah is undergoing treatment at a rehab center in Atlanta, and her family says they are relying on their faith to get through this stressful situation.

The child nearly drowned.

A teen girl landed on her back, and her whole body froze, said Tre Faulkner, Sarah’s father, acording to FOX 17. She hit her head on the bottom of the creek and temporarily felt her arms freeze.

When the feeling in her arms returned, Sarah swam to the water’s surface and started screaming. She now has 19 staples in her skull and underwent surgery to repair her injured spine.

Doctors believe her injuriеs are permanent, but the family isn’t giving up hope.

Sarah’s parents had a straightforward conversation with her doctor and learned that their daughter’s injuriеs are quite severe. According to a Facebook post, doctors have been speaking frankly with the family.

“We just met with the Dr. He told us he has never seen someone walk again after an injury likе hers. BUT!!! We are still gonna beg God for a miracle. We are trusting God for a miracle,” Sarah’s parents sharеd on the social media platform. “We need hope to carry us thru. She is only 7 years old. Lord Jesus please heal my baby girl up. In Jesus name, amen. Our hearts are wrenched. God is good. He can do anything.”

Sarah is improving.

Her parents have continued to update the community on Sarah’s condition in a series of social media posts. Her mother sharеd that Sarah is beginning to feel sensations, such as the urge to go to the bathroom. During rehab, she felt burning and tingling in her toes, and she is making small movements with her feet. The family says these improvements would not be possible without the intervention of God.

“The doctor did a pelvic exam and around her bladder and pubic bone. She said she could feel some of it. This is impossible without God. The Dr just said 5 hours ago she would never walk again,” a Facebook post read.