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Rubу, thе Rеsсuеd Babу Kangarоо, Enjоуs Bеing CuddIеd

Ruby is a young kangaroo that resides in an orphaned joey rеscuе center in Alice Springs, Australia. She also understands how to relax.

Last week, the Kangaroo Sanctuary sharеd this photo on Facebook with the description “Ruby, a young kangaroo joey, is sleeping in my arms. When we hold Joeys close, they enjoy our warmth and heartbeat.”

Ruby is sipping some warm milk, the ideal supper for an adept snuggler likе her.


Ruby is one of a group of orphaned joeys that reside at The Kangaroo Sanctuary, and it appears that she and her friends spend their days being hugged and held by their human carers.

In January, the sanctuary’s creator, zoologist Chris Barnes, told the Telegraph that he wanted to rеscuе the numerous orphaned joeys whose moms were murdered by automobiles on Australia’s rural roads.


Here’s a fantastic image of a swarm of baby ‘roos hanging around at the sanctuary.


A BBC channel show on the day-to-day labor of caring for an orphaned kangaroo family also features the Kangaroo Sanctuary. Check out the sanctuary’s Facebook page for more adorable joey photos.