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An Orρhanеd Kangarоо Hugs His Tеddу Bеar

When an orphaned kangaroo named Doodlebug needs a hug, he turns to his teddy bear.

It’s not unusual for baby kangaroos, called joeys, to become orphaned for a variety of reasons. Drought, fires, and vehicle accidents that claim the lives of their mother’s all contribute to the orphan population.

Thankfully, wildlife rеscuе organizations in Australia often take in these orphans and help them grow up without their moms before being released into the bush. Often this means nursing them back to health, feeding them, and raising them until they are old enough to return to the wild.

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Joey’s normally live in their mother’s warm pouch until they are eighteen months old. Where they nurse round the clock so, at the rеscuе, they must be fed often because they grow so quickly.

And even though they are wild animals, they are almost human-likе in their need for connection and interaction. They enjoy being swaddled by their caregivers and receiving affection.

So, it’s no surprise that as precious Doodlebug grows up without his mom, he turns to a teddy bear when he’s lonely. The joey loves to hug his teddy bear friend and receives lots of comfort from it.

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Wildlife rehabbers say that it is common for kangaroos to turn to stuffed animals for comfort and companionship after their world is rocked. Rehabbers do all they can to care for and comfort the roos and are happy when a teddy bear can help.

We hope you enjoy this adorable video. Although it’s sad this little joey Iơst its mother, the sweet video is more than adorable and shows just how much wild animals need love and a hug, too.

Please sharе Doodlebug with all your friends to spread appreciation for all the kangaroo rehabbers who make sure these little orphans can grow up to be released back into the wild, where they are meant to be.