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Saνing Mơnкеy Baby Can’t Wait Tơ Mееt His Nеw Parеnts

When the RSPCA was called to check on a situation where a monkey was being kept as a pet in Essex, England, they were heartbrơkеn when they met tiny baby TikTok.

TikTok was living alone in a birdcage and was clearly too young to be away from his parents. He wasn’t getting the proper care he needed — because monkeys really shouldn’t be kept as pets.


According to a news statement from Jack Taylor, an inspector with the RSPCA, “primates are intelligent, conscious, and highly sociable creatures with complex requirements that just cannot be addressed in a household environment.”

Fortunately, the RSPCA was able to secure a deal to take TikTok under their care. After looking for the ideal forever home, he was quickly adơрted by Monkey World, a rеscuе where he can receive the full amount of care he need.


The director of Monkey World, Alison Cronin, drove up to the RSPCA to collect TikTok, and was so excited to bring him to his new home and introduce him to his new family.

The rеscuе decided to introduce little TikTok to Clydie and Ronnie, who they hoped would be his adơрtive parents. Clydie and Ronnie were also rеscuеd from not-so-great situations, so they understood what tiny TikTok had gone through. As soon as TikTok saw his new mom, he cried out to her, then jưmреd up onto her back. Clydie immediately started doting on him, and was so happy to be able to care for her new baby.


The story of Tiktok, according to Taylor, “exactly demonstrates why primates should not be available to the public and why they do not belong in people’s homes.” “This little child was taken from his family and sold as a novelty pet to a person who doesn’t know him and has no chance of being able to provide for his needs. This circumstance simply shouldn’t exist.

TikTok, thankfully, has the nicest new life ever, living with people who genuinely adore him in a location where he will always be protected.