PеơρIе Arе Haνing A Hard Timе BеIiеνing That This Crеatưrе Is RеaI - Animals Paradise

PеơρIе Arе Haνing A Hard Timе BеIiеνing That This Crеatưrе Is RеaI

It’s easy to understand why this especially chubby amphibian is well on his way to online fame.

Many people have questioned whether this animal is real because of his smooth spherical physique and expressive small face.

And honestly, it’s hard to blame them.

Just look at him.

Some speculate that he’s a shellless turtle, while others speculate that he’s the result of a child’s ceramics project gone wrong.

However, neither of these options is correct.

On Twitter, Jodi Rowley, a biologist and amphibian specialist, decided to cut through the buzz and reveal the animal’s true identity.

“This frog is doing the rounds on social media. It’s a blunt-headed burrowing frog (Glyphoglossus molossus),” Rowley wrote.

“Native to drier parts of mainland SE Asia, this species spends most of its life underground, waiting for rain — they’ve a great shape for burrowing and conserving water.”

Though the frog’s big, squishy shape is part of what makes him so appealing, it’s really part of a unique ability to ward off possible attaсkers. The frog in this picture is “puffing up to seem large and terrifying,” according to Rowley.

However, based on the reaction on social media, it appears to be having the opposite impact.

One Twitter user remarked, “Well, I for one adore our froggy pal.” Another person wrote, “What a cool species.”

It’s difficult not to agree.