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A Baby Seal Gives a Diver He Just Met in the Ocean a Viral Kiss

Seals and penguins, two adorable aquatic animals, have been demonstrated to be quite violent toward people when they are on dry land, despite their cute appearance. Not so in the water!

A group of divers who had the opportunity to dive off the coast of Argentina captured the friendly and vivacious behavior of seals in the water in a video that was shаrеd on social media.

These marine animals are a real treat for those who approach them with the idea of developing a closer relationship and enjoying their unique company. These animals perhaps feel more exposed on the shore.

At the video, which was recorded in Puerto Madryn, Argentina, a very curious and restless baby seal intercepts three divers. When he first approaches the young man documenting the scene, he bit his visor and gave him an amazing demonstration of affection.

That’s correct, the young man gets a lovely kiss from the seal as it pounces on his mouth. The video has received millions of views and comments online.

The seal then turns around and interacts with the other two people we can see in the video before departing after their kiss. The divers are actually surrounded by friendly seals, who approach them in a wider shot with curiosity and gentleness.

Given that Puerto Madryn is well renowned for having a big population of sea lions, penguins, whales, and dolphins, it is not surprising that tourists to this area of the Argentine coast are eagerly welcomed by the local animals.

Source: dailyphew.com