Dоg Grооmеr аrrеstеd Fоr ViоIеnt Dе.аth оf 16-Wееk-оld Pup In His Cаrе - Animals Paradise

Dоg Grооmеr аrrеstеd Fоr ViоIеnt Dе.аth оf 16-Wееk-оld Pup In His Cаrе

The atrocities the canine would experience were completely unimaginable to Claudia Avila’s mother when she dropped off her 16-week-old, little puppy, Luca, at Happy Paws Dog Grooming in El Paso, Texas.

“There is a contractual verbal or nonverbal agreement when we take our pets into your facility that our services will be delivered but first and foremost that our pets are going to be safe in your hands,” Avila told KVIA News.

Source: KVIA ABC-7/YouTube

When Luca’s owner went to pick her dog up after his grooming session, she saw he exhibited visible signs of suffering and was quite lethargic.

Luca was unable to eat or drink, and when he tried to walk, he sobbed in agony.
Tragically, Luca died soon after getting home from the groomer. The dog’s tiny lungs were found to be stuffed full of blood during a necropsy on his body.

According to the police, Luca раssеd аwау as a result of pulmonary edema brought on by the torture he received from a dog groomer.

Source: KVIA ABC-7/YouTube

Leobardo Nava, 31, was working on Luca that day, and it is claimed that just before the animal became limp, he violently grasped its neck.

Recently, the former Happy Paws employee was detained and charged with one count of animal cruelty. He was also accused of having marijuana in his possession and having outstanding traffic warrants.


We extend our deepest condolences to Luca’s family on their tragic loss.

More about this case can be seen in the video below.