Mееt Brilliаnt уоung Mоthеr Whо Bаggеd Dоublе First Clаss Hоnоurs In Lаw - Animals Paradise

Mееt Brilliаnt уоung Mоthеr Whо Bаggеd Dоublе First Clаss Hоnоurs In Lаw

Cursory: A recent mother has used the internet to highlight her academic successes.

She acknowledged earning two first-class degrees from the university and the Nigerian Law School.

Oluwabusola Ayeni, a young, gorgeous mother from Nigeria, announced on Twitter that she received a double first class at both the university level and the law school level. Through her @OLUWABUSOLAAYE1 twitter account, she announced the wonderful news. The young Nigerian mother disclosed in a tweet that she earned two First Classes, making her a double First Class holder after graduating from the Nigerian law school. Her message was as follows: “RED SCROLL GANG. I GRADUATED FROM THE NIGERIAN LAW SCHOOL WITH A FIRST CLASS. HOLDER FOR DOUBLE FIRST CLASS. I learned shege in law school. Gratitude to Jesus I have trouble falling asleep. I appreciate Lagos Campus. Mother, wife, and double first class traveler. Oluwabusola, Good work. I appreciate SFCSS.

When the Nigerian Law School issued the 2022 Bar Part II results, the Nigerian Lawyer stated that she was one of the 119 students to receive a first-class grade. According to Mrs. Ayeni’s post, she graduated first in her class from Osun State University with a 4.80 GPA, placing her second overall and first in the law faculty. Mrs. Ayeni is now a double first class holder after earning her law school degree with a first.

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