Adоrаblе Grizzlу Cub κissеs Mоm fоr thе First Timе аt 4 Mоnths оld - Animals Paradise

Adоrаblе Grizzlу Cub κissеs Mоm fоr thе First Timе аt 4 Mоnths оld

A wildlife photographer took stunning images of a grizzly bear and its youngster in all of their rough and tumble glory. The photographs were taken by Nashville, Tennessee native Troy Harrison, 47, in Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park.In a breathtaking collection of pictures, a four-month-old grizzly bear cub is seen kissing its mother. Even though the fully-grown bear does not appear particularly eager to pucker up, the adorable cub can be seen chasing its mother throughout the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming in an attempt to land a few kisses.

A fight develops into some playful roughhousing before the two give prey to the most heart-melting expression of parental love. Junior even has the opportunity to practice climbing on a wooden pylon as they go side by side through the diverse animals of the Grand Teton. Its swivels its neck to provide the wildlife photographer the ideal shot, showing that it is clearly an expert with a camera.

Photographer Troy Harrison, 47, from Nashville, Tennessee, took the pictures in the grizzly bear-themed national park. Wake up, mother: A young grizzly bear tries to give its mother a big kiss in Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park. Junior lands safely and even reaches up to give mama bear a bear hug as she continues to go forward through the bushes.

The four-month-old grizzly gets up on its hind legs to fight for a kiss from its mother by reaching up high. One more for the road: The cheeky youngster gives a final kiss, which was taken by Nashville, Tennessee, photographer Troy Harrison, 47. I’ve had enough, kid: The mother bear looks to have had enough and shoots her cub as a warning. eyeing the possibilities: The cub observes while standing on its hind legs and contemplating whether to initiate another kiss. It was only a kiss: Junior is at it again, choosing to bombard his mother with affection while sitting down, which is less often. Be careful: The four-month-old grizzly is back upright and vying for a shot at the lips as the war of love begins. The grizzly cub manages to give its mother one last kiss before the two begin to explore around the National Park. The Bare Necessities: A mother and child tackling Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park’s wildness together. The cub looks back at the photographer who took the picture as it escapes its mother’s grasp and climbs a pylon.