In Turκеу, а hоnеу-drunκ bеаr rеcеivеs аssistаncе - Animals Paradise

In Turκеу, а hоnеу-drunκ bеаr rеcеivеs аssistаncе

Locals from the city of Düzce discovered the unfortunate brown bear, a victim of having eyes bigger than stomach, nearly unconscious on a mountainside. The people brought her by vehicle to a nearby veterinarian to be treatment for a severe case of honey hangover out of concern for her health.

In a popular video, when the bear was asked if her stomach ached, she gave no response. However, the people thought a vet with “bear-whispering” abilities may have better results. Plans call for the bear to be put back into the wild after she has healed, her honey-drunk bender largely a distant memory. She will have learned the risks associated with sweet honey binges.

The bear was doing well, according to a statement on the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry’s social media page, which also posted a video of the animal being evaluated by veterinarians. The ministry posted, “Let’s select a name for our girl who ate too much honey.” Following her treatment, she will be returned to nature.