Mаmа bеаr brings hеr bаbiеs tơ mееt thе mаn thаt shơwеd hеr kindnеss ơvеr thе yеаrs - Animals Paradise

Mаmа bеаr brings hеr bаbiеs tơ mееt thе mаn thаt shơwеd hеr kindnеss ơvеr thе yеаrs

Most people wouldn’t be so calm if a bear visited their property, but for one man, instead of scaring it away, he decided to do the opposite. In the process he and the bear became friends


Patrick Conley lives in Asheville, North Carolina, where black bears can often be seen among human residences. Although they are completely wild bears, they seem to be comfortable and calmly move around in the presence of the locals.

In the video, the black bear named Simone appeared behind the trees. She was a regular visitor to his house, but this time she didn’t come alone.

She stopped and looked back to the trees, then a litter of cubs showed up and ran to their mother. That excited Patrick a lot as this was the first time she brought her cubs to his place, even though she has been around there for years.

The bear and her two cubs slowly approached the porch. Mother bear sniffed around to check the place, then let the cubs climb in. They carefully but curiously explored the new place.


Think of bears, many will imagine a big, аggrеssivе and dаngеrous animal. However, they can also be soft and gentle if they consider humans as their friends. Patrick Conley and his bear friend – Simone are a fine example of this. They have spent years building up mutual trust each time Simone came to visit his place, and this time she showed him her offsprings as an action to prove their friendship.


Simone and her cubs left the porch after a while. It had to be the first time the cubs came to human residence as they couldn’t stop venturing around. On the other hand, Simone was still as calm as always, slowly followed her babies and waited for them to play around. Then when it’s time, she signaled to lead them back into the wood.


“The cubs are the cutest things to ever have walked these woods, but then I’m kind of biased.”
Patrick and Simone were already close friends, that’s the reason why he might feel likе he was just officially introduced to new members of Simone’s family.

The video received many favorable comments on YouTube: “This is what it means to co-exist and interact respectfully. She is being respectful by keeping her distance and being curious, but at the same time cautious and not showing any signs of aggression, and you are being respectful by keeping a respectful distance and acting calm, understanding she is a wild animal with the offsprings.”

In Asheville, the black bear population is blooming partly due to their adaptation to living with humans.