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This homeless man sleeps with his dog in his arms, a four-paws angel who never lets him down

For a homeless person, as well as for a strаy animal , life on the streets can become the hardest and saddest thing to endure, writes fancy4work

However, sometimes just the souls that shаrе the same misfortune, cross paths likе a caress of destiny. And together, they learn to deal with hunger, cold and helplessness, knowing that having each other is enough.

Although they suffer the unspeakable day after day to endure the inclement weather, ingratitude, loneliness, mistreatment…, their bond becomes more than indestructible. And without having material possessions, they are convinced that they have everything.

As well as this pair of homeless friends who were caught in a heartbreaking scene

It can be very devastating to come across puppies that have nowhere to lay their heads.

But, it also breaks our hearts to see elderly people whose only company may be the hard and cold ground on a freezing winter night.

However, moving images also emerge, which, while bleak, leave us speechless and invite us to reflect for a few moments on what are the true values ​​that anchor our lives.

An image was published on various social media platforms that was captured in the middle of the street, which has already gone around the world.

It is about a homeless man sleeping peacefully, as if he really had no worries.

And how not to do it, if you have the best and most faithful four-legged angel by your side, whom you cling to in an embrace.

The same thing happens to his beloved Firulais, despite being very cold and hungry, he knows that he has everything together with his faithful companion.

What more can you ask of life?… An image for which there are no words

It is an image that reveals the sad face of poverty and indigence, but also the tenderness of love and the light of hope.

Next to the viral image, you can read the following text:

“There is no title that covers everything that this image shows… Dogs do not care if you are rich or poor. They love you anyway. Dogs have the purest heart.

The unfortunate thing is that it not only reflects the harshness of the streets, but the man and his friend were seen before everyone’s eyes. And yes, starring in a beautiful scene, very close together, giving affection and comfort to each other, but nobody stopped to do anything for them.

Fortunately, man can count on the unconditional love of a faithful friend, a guardian angel without wings, but with four legs.

While the little dog doesn’t care if his human companion isn’t rich, he just stays true to his side, knowing how hard he works to feed him and give him love and protection.

He is and will remain there with his owner no matter what.