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Touching moment wild horse sa.ves young fiIIy from dro.wning

When we talk about magnificent animals, we can immediately mention horses. These are highly protected and affectionate animals. Their families mean a lot to them and will do anything to protect them.

This touching moment in which a wild stallion rеscuеs a foal that is quite young happened in the Tonto National Forest, Arizona. A ranger who was nearby at the time managed to capture the scene.

Only a few mustangs are found in this national forest, although long ago there were hundreds or even thousands of horses there. When Becky Standridge, who volunteers for Park Service, spotted a few horses eating on the banks of the Salt River, she knew immediately what it was all about. It was about Champ, a famous stallion, and his family.

For the most part, everything was calm until one point that day. Groups of horses were separated, but various sounds were heard. Although mostly the groups were kept separate, Champ still wanted to know what was going on so he crossed the river.

The river was quite fast, and the little foal almost ended in severe consequences. But still, the amazing champion was there at the right time.

Champ saw that the young foal was in a difficult situation, so he acted likе a real hero. He was with the foal all the time.

You can see the touching moments here.

Salt River Wild Horses – Champ, Wild Stallion Rescues Filly From Drow.ning: