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The Real Story Behind the Photo of a Horse Appearing to a Drowning BIind Dog

A horse named “Agripin” had been swimming near the waters of the Danube River when he noticed a dog drowning and in need of rеscuе. The small blind dog named Abby had slipped off a nearby dock and drifted far from the river bank. She was unable to find her way back to shore. So Agripin swam out to the small dog and offered her a ride back to shore.

The river was relatively shallow, so Agripin could stand up in the waters. Sensing help had come, Abby climbed on Agripin’s back and rode back to shore.

Agripin’s water rеscuе of the small dog amazed his owner, who had been watching from shore.

The story above is a wonderful rеscuе story, but turns out to be completely untrue!

This photo and accompanying story circulated heavily on social media some years back.

However, an animal lover on wanted to let everyone know that the dog is not blind and wasn’t rеscuеd by the horse. The two animals are best friends, the horse is named Brenda Lee and the dog is Lucy and their dad is Brian Sean Reid with Horses Know the Way Home. The beautiful photo was taken by equine photographer Jodie Sinclair. The animals live in the United States.

Sinclair actually snapped a few photos of the dynamic duo enjoying a swim at the beach.

Lucy seems so strong and confident, which Sinclair said is true of the tiny dog. She commented on Facebook that Lucy is “the most independent, fearless, tireless little being I have ever met!”

The Facebook page Horses Know the Way Home also noticed that the photo has gone viral and is amused by all the fictional accounts. They humorously joke, “How many lives would Brenda Lee and Lucy sаvе together as a team, this Summer?”

Brenda Lee and Lucy enjoy each others company in the winter months too.

We love how Lucy has an adorable little winter coat on.

Having fun with their dad.

Want to see the pair in motion? Here’s a video Reid shаrеd of Brenda Lee trotting along the fence outside Tufts University with Lucy on board.