A black bear enters a woman's home by opening and closing the door with its mouth. - Animals Paradise

A black bear enters a woman’s home by opening and closing the door with its mouth.

Susan Kehoe couldn’t believe it when a black bear broke into her home by way of opening the front door and startled her.

The bear had used his mouth initially to open the door and saw Kehoe, who politely asked him to leave the house.

“Close the door, sweetie,” she told the bear as if she was talking to a dog. “No, no, no, hon. Close the door. Close the door.”

Apparently, being courteous can go a long way, as the bear looks likе he is listening and attempts to close the door using his mouth.

“Good boy! Close it. Close it. Oh, what a good boy!” Kehoe said, but that’s not where it ended and the bear didn’t seem likе it was quite ready to leave yet.

“You’re going to open it again, aren’t you?” she said, and it certainly did.

“Close the door you little stinker,” she said.

Bears are frequently seen skulking about Kehoe’s area, and this particular bear had already visited Kehoe’s home earlier in the year.

But Kehoe claimed she felt prepared and understood what to do to prevent the bear from turning hostile after getting inside her home.

Kehoe is actually a black bear biologist so she knew exactly what to do when the bear popped in.

She told Inside Edition, “They can tell by the tone of your voice (how to react).”