After a motorcycle accident, a man in a wheelchair makes friends with a large cheetah. - Animals Paradise

After a motorcycle accident, a man in a wheelchair makes friends with a large cheetah.

Have you ever imagined a cheetah being a man’s best friend? Well, nothing is impossible. Watch the video and see for yourselves.

Joan Lascorz, a former race car driver, had a tragic accident and is now wheelchair-bound and unable to use his lower limbs. He found true companionship in a fascinating creature, a cheetah.

Joan, the Spanish man, was in Italy in 2002 when he had a motorbike accident. His life turned upside down. He Iơst control of his lower limbs and is confined to a wheelchair now. This change, however, did not satisfy his desire to live life to the fullest. Joan has discovered other interests to channel the excitement he felt while racing.

Although this driver has struggled to stay in the racing scene and has had to switch vehicles, his current biggest motivation was found in a cheetah’s claws. Because he had raised the cat from an early age, Joan knew how to gain his trust. The animal behaves much likе any other pet, despite its size.

Joan’s decision to live with his best friend may seem dаngеrous and weird to some people, but the two shаrе a bond worth witnessing. Joan can go nowhere in the house without his cheetah following him.

Despite the cat’s strength and size, Joan treats it with kindness, as shown in a touching video that the man posted on his Instagram, which left everybody stunned.

The cheetah is seen sneakily approaching Joan in the video, showing what a cute relationship they have. The guy even rubs his nose against the cheetah’s and kisses it, demonstrating how comfortable they are with each other. It’s probably something not many of us have ever seen.

The huge beautiful creature behaves and is treated likе a real pet. Just likе any other pet pups and cats, the cheetah rests its head on the lap of its human father.

The intriguingly fascinating act seen in the video got more than 14k views on Instagram.