Cаt Likеs Tơ Mаkе а Grаnd еntrаncе ưsing Thе Dơơrbеll еvеry Timе Hе Cơmеs Hơmе - Animals Paradise

Cаt Likеs Tơ Mаkе а Grаnd еntrаncе ưsing Thе Dơơrbеll еvеry Timе Hе Cơmеs Hơmе

I don’t have a cat, but I know for a fact that they’re a lot different than having dogs. I know my dogs likе all my attention, at all times of the day, but I sometimes see my neighbor’s cat wandering outdoors for hours. She can be outside all day, not wanting any company. I’m sure she has all her meal times sorted out with owners, though, writes moneysavingbasics.

Cats are pretty independent creatures. They likе to come and go when they please, and you know they can take care of themselves. Don’t get me wrong. They’re not entirely self-sufficient because cats need love and cuddles and human help too. But these curious and mischievous characters are always on the prowl, uncovering unchartered territory and exploring new backyard frontiers.

And when they’re done being the cat version of Indiana Jones, it’s time to come home and call it a day well spent. It’s time to recharge the batteries, nibble on some food and take a cat nap.

This smart kitty is the perfect example of your average cat, which is more than just a pretty face. His name is Bruno and he knows how to get his owner’s attention when he wants to come inside. This cheeky cat displays some exceptional behavior that he must have picked up from his human counterparts. While his family is still reeling at how he managed to first pull it off, it’s quite brilliant and helpful! No more always wondering if the cat came back.

Bruno figured out how to make his presence known by learning how to ring the doorbell. There’s a table outside beside the door and just below the doorbell. Bruno simply leaps up to perch on the table and then continually press his face against the button – he does this rather erratically! His family must know it’s him based on the randomly spaced and timed successions of the bell ringing!

It’s so adorable, and Bruno has got it down to a science because he only rings the bell during the daytime, not at night while the household is sleeping. Thank goodness! How strange would it be to run to the door in the middle of the night half asleep expecting a human, only to find a cat? It would be strange and funny at the same time, that’s for sure. This is too cute!

Click below to watch this talented feline announce his arrival at the front door.

Source: moneysavingbasics.com