When he sees an unexpected swimmer paddle, the dog freezes. By - Animals Paradise

When he sees an unexpected swimmer paddle, the dog freezes. By

On a recent walk along the edge of a pond in Denver, Colorado, with his dad, a dog named Munchie had his eyes on the water. He was eager to spot someone swimming by, and perhaps make a new wild friend.

Suddenly, there was a ripple, and Munchie was thrilled.

dog watching water

As the ripple continued on its course and reached the side of the pond, Munchie got a clearer view.

It was a rat, who was gliding quickly and peacefully just beneath the surface. It was a surprising sight, but not an unusual one. Despite living mostly on land, rats are exceptional swimmers. Their strong legs and long tails help them move through water easily, and they can hold their breath for up to three minutes while submerged.

rat swimming

This wasn’t the first time Munchie had noticed an animal in the pond. In fact, he often spends his walks anticipating a visitor.

“Munchie has seen a beaver in the pond before,” Munchie’s dad, who asked that his name not be used, told The Dodo. “So he was already on the lookout.”

You can watch a video of Munchie spotting the rat here:

Munchie’s dad is always impressed by his dog’s ability to notice small things, likе a beaver or rat swimming by. He loves that his best friend is so intelligent and so loving.

“He’s the smartest dog in the world,” Munchie’s dad said. “He loves all dogs and people. He’s gentle and submissive.”

dog on rock

Though he loves to make friends with aquatic wildlife, Munchie’s heart belongs to his dad. And his dad feels the same way.

“Munchie is the best thing that has ever happened to me,” he said. “He is always there for me.”