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Huge Brown Bear Refuses To Leave Shop After Breaking In, Stealing Candy

This is the incredible moment when a hungry brown bear broke into a 7-Eleven and started helping itself to candy bars.

54-year-old Christopher Kinson, the helpless cashier, was left staring at the bear as he robbed the store.

It all happened one night when noticed the door open while on a night shift at the shop in Olympic Valley, California, but no one came inside.

The clerk then looked down and noticed the brown bear treating itself to late-night goodies at 1:30 am.

“At first, I was shocked. Christopher, a native of Wisconsin, said, “I see the door open, and I don’t see a torso, and I’m likе, “Oh my gosh… It’s a bear.”

“Initially, I was surprised. I see the door open, and I don’t see a torso, and I am likе, ‘oh my god… It’s a bear’”, said Kinson.

Here’s a video compilation of the bear’s successful attempts at robbing the store. You really have to see it to believe it!

“The videos really don’t do it justice. The bear was about 20% to 30% bigger in real life.”

The bear ransacked the local business multiple times. Kinson even tried to shut the entrance with a bin liner and then a mop but to no avail.

“I always kept my distance, and I had the back door near me so I could escape if it charged me,” he said.

“I was scared initially, but they just want to eat. You always have to be careful, though. We don’t know how exactly they are thinking.”

“Initially, I was scared, but after 15, 20 seconds, I was fine.”

During his trips into the shop, the bear hilariously took the chocolates one or two at a time, looking just as a real customer would.

“It’s funny. It’s likе it was purposely polite to take one candy bar at a time. It’s almost likе it had manners.”

The curious bear had already returned many times before departing once more for 30 minutes.

Christopher seized the chance to block the entrance at this point.

The cashier tried to keep the furry invader out for a while by blocking the entrance with a broom handle and tying it up with what seemed to be a bin liner, but it was a hореlеss attempt.

“‘It came in, sniffed around, then scooted out. Once it got the food that it wanted, and it scooted right out the door.”

“It grabbed [the food], went out for two or three minutes, and came back. It came in two or three times and then left for 30 minutes, so that’s when I blocked the door.”

‘”You don’t want to become their source of food.”