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A curious dolphin plays with a dog close to the coast.

A dolphin and a dog have an unexpected encounter at the beach in an unprecedented event. Even though it seems quite implausible that these two species would interact, dogs and dolphins actually get along very well. They have shared precious moments with us countless times, and this one is no exception!

Anastasia Vinnikova had the adventure of a lifetime while walking her dog Patrick along the coast. Anastasia observed a pod of dolphins swimming very close to the beach as the two were taking in the sundown on Crimea’s Opuk beach. She had no idea that they could actually get closer.

One of the dolphins had abruptly started swimming in the direction of the beach, coming very close to the shore in a touching attempt to interact with the dog. The curious dog was immediately enthralled by the friendly sea monster, and it didn’t take long for them to start playing chase through the tranquil waters.

The dolphin returned to the sea after their brief contact and occasionally came back within a few feet of the shore. The interaction lasted for a few minutes. Patrick once chases the marine mammal down into the water, almost touching its tail.

People simply can’t get enough of the touching moment that Anastasia recorded on camera and posted online. The woman wrote on Instagram, “Patrick has actually touched a dolphin, but I still haven’t.” “No one was hurt in the video. To collect fish, the dolphins are swimming near the coast.

Source: beopeo.com