LittIе dоg hаs bееn wаiting оutsidе DоIIаr Stоrе fоr thrее wееks. - Animals Paradise

LittIе dоg hаs bееn wаiting оutsidе DоIIаr Stоrе fоr thrее wееks.

In Houston, Texas, a busy Dollar General had a little dog named Robbie waiting outside the door for three weeks. The tiny brown puppy crouched down under a plastic chair by himself, hoping that someone would pass by and notice him.

Fortunately, as soon as Kristin Erwin spotted Robbie, she realized she had to help him.

“I thought he was the sweetest thing, with chubby little legs,” Erwin told The Dodo. It broke my heart to find out that he had been here for three weeks already.
Erwin, who usually assists with dog rеscuеs, saw Robbie running around a neighborhood parking lot.

Erwin entered the Dollar General to inquire about Robbie’s story because he was perplexed as to why the adorable puppy was by himself. Despite the cashier’s assurances that Robbie would be picked up later, Erwin was dubious. Erwin offered the cashier her phone number and asked to be notified in the event that Robbie’s caretaker was late. Soon after, Erwin got a text confirming her suspicions: they hadn’t shown up and Robbie needed help.

Even though it was now becoming dark, Erwin hurried over to the Dollar General.

The helpful clerk eventually convinced Robbie to get into Erwin’s car, and Erwin utilized incentives to get him in. He was soon warm and safe in her home.

Erwin gave Robbie the space and time he needed to get used to his new surroundings. Robbie’s initial lack of activity led Erwin to believe he was terrified. But as Erwin got to know Robbie better, she realized that he was just a chill guy.

Source: The Dodo