Неаrtbrеаking vidео hоnоrs 9/11 sеrviсе dоgs - Animals Paradise

Неаrtbrеаking vidео hоnоrs 9/11 sеrviсе dоgs

The 21st anniversary of 9/11 occurs this year. Every year, we remember that terrible day, the lives Iоst, and the individuals who risked their lives to assist. We will always be grateful to first responders for acting without hesitation that day. Assistance dogs were also a significant part of the team that participated.

As a means to thank all the dogs who helped that day, TikTok user @milliethenoodlehorse shаrеd a montage of these pups and their contributions with us. Even if this is just the beginning, we are aware that on this particular day, many more doggos contributed. These dogs should be recognized as heroes. You will cry as soon as you see this video, so be prepared.

Wow, such a touching video. Simply put, this is another proof that we don’t really deserve dogs. To successfully take their owner to safety after spending hours sorting through hazardous smells. Even a dog dug among the trash for ten days. They are excellent.

@jennifercarr2364 reports that “Roselle found one of the last exits in the tower. She led her owner, who is blind, and others out of his workplace. She was the only one who helped them find the steps. What a great assistance animal. She was cool under pressure and helped more than just her owner. Thank you, Roselle.

“Apollo was a great teammate. He devoted a lot of time to protecting my uncle both before and after 9/11. He and all the other dogs are heroes and will be sorely missed, tweeted @princesssarahwine. Apollo was the first search and rеscuе dog to arrive. These are the ones comforting them in heaven, therefore let this serve as a reminder to those who have Iоst their pets. Wow, so beautiful! We will always remember these dogs and everything they accomplished that day.

Source: ilovemydogsomuch.com