Rеsсuеrs brеасh thе роnd wаII tо frее thе trарреd wiId еIерhаnt - Animals Paradise

Rеsсuеrs brеасh thе роnd wаII tо frее thе trарреd wiId еIерhаnt

With the aid of a sledgehammer and some inventiveness, wildlife rеscuеrs in China managed to sаvе an Asian elephant.

According to Within Edition, in China’s Yunnan Province, four elephants accidentally fell into a man-made concrete fish pond, prompting concerned bystanders to contact for help from wild animals authorities.

Only one elephant remained in the fish pond when rеscuеrs arrived, but it was soon apparent that she was having difficulty getting out of the water.

According to the Globe Wildlife Fund, Asian elephants are becoming more and more rare, and their population is decreasing. As a result, it’s more crucial than ever for communities to work together to safeguard one another.

Rescuers understood they had to assist the elephant in leaving the pond, but it would not be easy given that they typically weigh about 11,000 pounds.

One of the rеscuеrs had a fantastic idea as the elephant was fighting to climb out of the cement pond. He started pounding away at the cement wall with a sledgehammer, breaking chunks off to reduce it.

It wasn’t a concept that many people would have thought of, but it was effective! The elephant was able to pull herself out of the pond and onto dry, firm ground when part of the wall was chiseled away.

Source: pawmypets.com