Fivе еIdеrIy Сhinеsе wоmеn sреnd thеir Iivеs саring fоr 1,300 strаy dоgs - Animals Paradise

Fivе еIdеrIy Сhinеsе wоmеn sреnd thеir Iivеs саring fоr 1,300 strаy dоgs

In order to preserve the lives of several pets, five elderly women in Weinan, China, have taken on a tremendous amount of responsibility.

A woman by the name of Wang Yanfang started a dog asylum six years ago. Since then, Yanfang and her four pals have been rising at 4 am each day to feed the asylum’s dogs.

The women must get up early since they are responsible for around 1300 puppies and must make 400 kilos of dog food every morning!

The women, who are all in their 60s or 70s, labor tirelessly to care for and feed the dogs.

Not only are the dogs fed by the women, but they are also cared for, groomed, and showered with love.

It may seem likе a dream to work with dogs every day, but it’s not always simple.

As not all strаys are especially social, all ladies have experienced being bitten at some point.

Despite a few unfortunate incidents, the women continue with their crucial task.
They are absolutely devoted to their dogs and understand that everything is worthwhile in the big picture.

The women are totally devoted to their puppies and even opted not to participate in the customary New Year’s celebrations in favor of spending the holiday with their enormous furry family.
According to Yanfang, who talked to Tencent News, dogs “are likе your children; you can’t stand to be separated from them or lose them.”