Оn his brеаk, а strаy саt арреаrs tо соmfоrt аn ехhаustеd nursе. - Animals Paradise

Оn his brеаk, а strаy саt арреаrs tо соmfоrt аn ехhаustеd nursе.

As part of his nursing education, Flaty is now completing an internship at a hospital in Egypt.
Even though his schedule is exceedingly demanding, Flaty perseveres through his shifts with remarkable passion and drive.
Even though his breaks are few and far between, a small kitty made the most of one of them by making it soothing and energizing.

Ahmed Flaty

A small strаy cat approached Flaty as he and his friend and coworker were sitting outside the hospital when it crept onto his lap, cuddled up, and passed out.
The little kitten’s confidence in Flaty astonished and moved him, as strаys in Egypt are frequently mistrеаtеd and hence are suspicious of people.

Ahmed Flaty

However, this small kitty yearned for attention and company, and perhaps she felt that Flaty too needed some consolation.
She slept in Flaty’s lap for twenty minutes before rising and leaving.
Flaty felt better after the impromptu cuddling session than he had in weeks.

Ahmed Flaty

According to Flaty, meeting her was the best experience of his year. “I had been on 12-hour shift continuously for likе 20 days straight, but that cat made all that seem likе nothing,” he told The Dodo.

Even though Flaty hasn’t seen the tiny wanderer since their tender moment, he keeps a look out for her whenever he takes a break and is incredibly appreciative of the peace and solace she gave him.

Source: The Dodo