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Rаndоm hоrsе mоvеs intо mаn’s Iiving rооm

A random horse is one of those items that you simply don’t expect to find in your house.

But that’s exactly what New Zealander Doug Renoe from Dunedin discovered in his home.

It appeared as though the odd horse had always lived there when it came into his living room and made itself at home.


Despite the horse’s laid-back demeanor, Dave felt confident that he would have remembered if the horse had been his roommate.

So Dave quickly posted on Facebook asking if anyone in the neighborhood was looking for a missing horse:

Is there a Iоst horse in the Highcliff area? This one entered the house and devoured my wife’s garden-grown carrots in addition to half of my meal. If unclaimed, we will keep her as a pet.

Ben Telfer-Hynes

In fact, a horse was missing, as it turned out.

Ben Telfer-Hynes was glad to learn that his daughter was okay when he learned that Sharq, his horse, had chosen to live with a strange guy.

He went over to Renoe’s place to pick up the horse since he wasn’t about to let her move in with a random man willy-nilly.

Ben Telfer-Hynes

Sharq eagerly followed her pet-dad home after acknowledging that her journey was finished.

Sharq is an indoor horse, so Telfer-Hynes noted that she believes it is very normal for Sharq to move around inside.

We sincerely hope Sharq had as much fun on her brief journey as we did hearing about it!

Source: justsomething.co