Саt hаs rаisеd dоg sinсе рuррyhооd аnd Iiсks hеr bеfоrе bеd. - Animals Paradise

Саt hаs rаisеd dоg sinсе рuррyhооd аnd Iiсks hеr bеfоrе bеd.

Pic and Alfredo are connected in a special way that can only happen between parents and their children.

Given that Picasso (“Pic”) is a puppy and Alfredo is a cat, this may surprise some people at first, but Alfredo has been Pic’s adорtive parent since Pic was a young puppy.

As if he were her biological father, Alfredo loves his dog daughter just as much, and the two of them have established the loveliest little bedtime routine.

Pic gets a goodnight kiss from Alfredo and long, passionate licks every night before bed.

Pic enjoys Alfredo’s grooming and is immediately soothed by the soothing touch.

Alfredo has been caring for Pic, a mixed-breed dog who is half husky and half labrador, since she was just eight weeks old.

Even though the playful and devoted dog has grown to be several times his size, Alfredo will always think of her as his little girl.

The lovely pair most recently became well-known after their owner, Reddit user Joeymonac0, shаrеd a video of their endearing bedtime routine.

Pic appears to be so comfortable in the video that she can hardly keep her eyes open while Alfredo tenderly grooms her.