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Тhis Dасhshund Rе.sсuе Наs Тhе Веst Еnding

There aren’t many things that enrage me more than those who utilize animals for breeding while disregarding their living conditions and emotional and physical well-being. Fortunately, there are people out there who are concerned about these animals’ feelings and who labor arduously to improve their lives once they are discovered.

Consider the dog in this video as an example. We witness Maria, a Dachshund, being discovered in poor condition. She has a million fleas on her and is paralyzed while also being pregnant. She receives medication for the fleas, but because she lacks lower body function, it hurts to watch her drag herself around outside.

Because her “owners” (who were NOT her parents) refused to pay $3,000 for her cesarean birth, she was given up to a shelter. She’s now in good hands, I suppose. Maria undergoes a much-needed C-section, and seven puppies are born. They are all very adorable and are known as the “Von Dapp Family,” just likе the Von Trapp family.

Even better news: Maria receives extensive therapy, rebuilds her trust, and is able to walk once more. What a remarkable change. After watching her drag herself over the yard previously, it’s very encouraging to see her trotting around quickly now.

The video’s ending is great despite its depressing beginning. She might not fully regain the use of her hind legs, but she is still moving A LOT better than she did at first. She is extremely vivacious and full of love for both her new father and her puppies. He demonstrated his character through what he did for her. You don’t want to miss the story in the video below, which is a veritable emotional roller coaster.

Source: dailypet.buzz