Whаt hарреns whеn а роny thinks а tеddy bеаr is his mоm? Yummy! - Animals Paradise

Whаt hарреns whеn а роny thinks а tеddy bеаr is his mоm? Yummy!

Mothers are very important in a baby’s existence. Every infant requires the warmth and affection that comes from its mother. Unfortunately, not all of them get the chance to do it. Some of them are аbаndоnеd by their own parents, while others become orphans shortly after birth. One of these ponies that his parents аbаndоnеd was named Breeze. It’s not entirely clear why.

Just hours after being born, the mother of this little pony foal left him in Dartmoor National Park. He was fumbling about the hillside in search of mares to milk but he couldn’t find his mother. Breeze had already succumbed to severe shock and dehydration when the rеscuеrs from a nearby horse sanctuary arrived to offer assistance.

This video allows us to view the young child cuddling with his new surrogate mother, as described by his caregivers. A huge teddy bear is present! He feels loved and gets the satisfying touch that all newborns long for from this cuddly bear. He was аbаndоnеd, which is so heartbreaking, but it’s adorable to see him cuddling up to the big teddy bear.

He was very undernourished when he arrived at the farm since he hadn’t had the essential nutrients that mother’s milk would have given him. But after receiving round-the-clock veterinary treatment and some time cuddling with his teddy bear on the day of this video, he was feeling much better. Adorable.

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