Whеn his bеаr сub оutgrеw thе hоusе, hе buiIt him а sаnсtuаry. - Animals Paradise

Whеn his bеаr сub оutgrеw thе hоusе, hе buiIt him а sаnсtuаry.

There are moments when friendships grow in the most unexpected locations. When you first meet someone, it’s impossible to predict how your relationship will develop. Even someone you initially perceive as being unpleasant may turn out to be the nicest flower in the world, and someone you initially perceive as being trustworthy likе a Boy Scout may actually be a con artist.

And then there are those occasions when you meet someone with whom you would have never in a million years imagined having a connection and who becomes a lifelong friend. Casey Anderson had no idea how drastically his life would alter when he came across a grizzly bear baby in the wild.

Casey was trekking in the wilds of Montana sixteen years ago, something he had always loved to do. He came upon the bear cub that had been left behind by its mother for an unknown reason. The majority of people would have given the bear a wide berth, but Casey took the bear in his arms and made the necessary arrangements to ensure that it lived a full and contented life.

Their relationship grew from then on out. Casey took the bear cub, which he called Brutus, into his home. Casey has been known as the “Animal Magnet” for most of his life. Their bond grew stronger as Brutus matured.

Eventually, Brutus became too big to remain comfortably housed in Casey’s house, so Casey did the best he could. In order to provide Brutus with a place to live and to inform people about bears and wildlife, he established and developed the Montana Grizzly Encounter Rescue and Educational Sanctuary. Casey and Brutus remain the closest of friends. Take a look at their tale below.