Сосkаtоо еnjоys gоing tо Ноmе Dероt with his humаn fаthеr. - Animals Paradise

Сосkаtоо еnjоys gоing tо Ноmе Dероt with his humаn fаthеr.

With a video of him spending time with his human father, Beau the cockatoo is winning hearts online. Home Depot is his preferred hangout spot, too!

Beau adores spending time with his father. He would spread his wings as though he were cruising when he went skating with his father. He enjoys skating a lot.

Beau’s father was looking online since he had always desired a bird. Finally, he comes across a cockatoo that his family had аbаndоnеd and decides to adорt him. During the entire drive to his new house, the cockatoo perched on his father’s shoulder.

Image Credit: Madly Odd

Beau always wanted to be close to his father after they got home. As soon as he went, he began to yell, and when he returned, he became joyful.

Beau is grateful to have such a caring family and has acclimated well to his new home. He has a great relationship with his father and is quite fond of him.

The cockatoo enjoys conversing with his father and makes amusing motions that may make anyone smile. Beau pays attention to his father, and they work well together. He can now utter a few sentences, and he always goes on trips with his father.

He enjoys visiting his favorite Home Depot, restaurants, and shopping centers. Beau, who just turned 15, has been his dad’s constant companion throughout his whole life. It’s not a pet; this cockatoo. He is a vital member of the family.

Source: dailypet.buzz