А bоttIе-fеd kittеn rеfusеs tо еаt sоIid fооd. - Animals Paradise

А bоttIе-fеd kittеn rеfusеs tо еаt sоIid fооd.

Four kittens were part of a litter that Rachael adорted from a hoarding situation. The kittens were just three weeks old when Rachael took them home. She had therefore made the decision to bottle-feed the kittens.

The most mischievous of the four kittens was Earl, a male kitten. Unlikе the others, he would never be found calmly reading in one spot. Earl would yell tantrums even while feeding them.

Rachael started feeding her kittens wet food through a bottle so they could get used to the flavor. She just wanted to try a tiny portion of the meal with the kittens. This wasn’t the case with Earl, though.

He was fully aware of the situation. Rachael had to switch back to feeding him from a bowl rather than his bottle. The kitten, however, was not amused by the circumstance as a whole.

He would sob while staring at Rachael from his playpen and only stop when given his favorite bottle of food. He would simply keep phoning and staring at Rachael after that.

Earl would approach the wet food bowl, act likе a toddler eating it, then approach Rachael and want his bottle. He simply did not want to consume the soggy meal.

He decides he’s ready to consume the wet food, though, at about 4 weeks. Earl started out refusing to eat the meal, and Rachael is still unsure of why. However, he has now grown to truly enjoy it. Earl was a mischievous cat from the start and always followed his desires. He even mastered the art of emerging from the playpen using his large head. Rachael found taking care of Earl to be quite demanding.

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