IdеntiсаI kittеns аrе rе.sсuеd tоgеthеr аnd nеvеr раrt. - Animals Paradise

IdеntiсаI kittеns аrе rе.sсuеd tоgеthеr аnd nеvеr раrt.

A litter of kittens has just been delivered to the Animal Welfare League of Arlington in Arlington, Virginia, USA. Volunteers from Kitten College worked incredibly hard to get them through, but two nearly identical kittens needed further attention. The kittens were welcomed into Lauren Strycula’s home, a shelter employee.

They huddled together for warmth since they were so small. They all had health problems, but Jace, the youngest, required time to learn how to drink from a bottle on his own. Jackie, Jace’s sister, stayed by his side and assisted him.

The care and medications helped both kittens become better. They put on weight and changed into other people. Jace was already drinking from the bottle and wriggling his ears while Jackie was quite animated and playful.

Two nearly identical kittens are never seen apart.


The kittens had advanced considerably in a short period of time; they were now able to play and explore, use the litter box, and even eat off a dish.

They each developed their own personalities; Jackie was more composed than her brother on her alone, while Jace turned into a rambunctious youngster. Despite this, they were always drawn to one another. They could not be split apart.


Now that they were independent and in better condition, Lauren thought it was time to find them a permanent home. The kittens’ adорtive parents immediately fell in love with them after seeing pictures of them on the Animal Welfare League of Arlington’s Instagram page.