А strаy dоg рееs оn а mаn bеfоrе finding а nеw hоmе. - Animals Paradise

А strаy dоg рееs оn а mаn bеfоrе finding а nеw hоmе.

A strаy dog in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, found a new home after urinating on a man he might have mistaken for a fire hydrant.

Heinze Sánchez was on the sidewalk looking at his phone when a dog approached and secretly urinated on his back. Despite the fact that the security camera video became viral on social media, his behavior infuriated many people.

Heinze laughed.

I had my eyes glued to my phone. He was sitting on the floor reading a message intently. I didn’t see him come. He slowly moved nearer, and I just sensed something hot, which astonished me. I turned around and saw that he had urinated on me. That was repulsive to me.

The dog scampered away in fear as Heinze got to his feet and charged at it violently. Even though the man did not make physical contact with the animal, he received criticism on social media for attempting to kick it.

When Heinze said:

I received a lot of criticism for kicking him. But I refrained from punching him. I shook my head and knee simultaneously. It was merely an irrational reaction; I had no intention of hurting him. As another dog approached, I questioned the last puppy, “Did you see what his friend did to me?”

Facebook/ Heinze Sanchez

Heinze decided to go in search of the dog. Inquiring about the animal there, he went back to the street where it all happened. The student claimed that as soon as he realized it, the dog approached him and waved its tail.

Facebook/ Heinze Sanchez

Heinze said the following to Extra:

Since we had a disagreement, I continued to think about him. I asked him whether he had an owner, and after that, I started looking about. When I found him, I called him, and he immediately started running. He had started to pour. I decided to bring it home after playing with it for a while. He approached me. He is quite obedient, gets trapped, and cries when I leave the house. Despite the trouble he produces at the neighbor’s house, he is a good dog.

Facebook/ Heinze Sanchez

Heinze wrote on Facebook:

“Hello. I woke up this morning and ran after the puppy that had urinated on my back. I tried to find out who owned it and discovered that he was a local. The puppy has a home now. I took him home, provided him with food and water, and made a way for him.

Facebook/ Heinze Sanchez

I wasn’t nasty, contrary to what many people think; I was only appalled by what happened. One thing you can see in the video is that even though I kicked him while he was far away from me, I didn’t run after him or throw rocks. I tucked my knee instead. I also talked to the nearby dog that came over to me.

Facebook/ Heinze Sanchez

Source: dailyphew.com