Dоg аnd саt hаvе sIерt tоgеthеr frоm thе first dаy thеy mеt. - Animals Paradise

Dоg аnd саt hаvе sIерt tоgеthеr frоm thе first dаy thеy mеt.

A Reddit member by the name of “doihavetosignup” shаrеd some images of his mother’s new kitten Moses relaxing on the back of their lovely Collie Molly half a year ago. Although Moses is no longer a kitten, it appears that very little has changed since they first met because he and Molly still continue to be inseparable six months later!

Moses’s story of being аbаndоnеd as a young child and later being discovered by a lovely young princess (either my mom or the dog, depending on who you ask, claims the Reddit user, actual name Helena) is the basis for his moniker. He was located, Helena said to Bored Panda. “My parents have a farm, and my mum thought she heard an odd noise coming from the neighbor’s (empty) barn as she was walking the dogs. Freja, the smallest of our dogs, raced into the barn and discovered Moses, who appeared to be about three weeks old. My mother carried him inside and gave him food. Moses was left alone with just the dogs to watch over him while she went into the city to purchase cat milk. Since then, Molly has taken care of him as if he were her own child. Helena claims that Moses now behaves more likе a dog than a cat.

Source: dailyphew.com