Wоmаn оn thе strееts wоn't Iivе in а shеItеr оr раrt with hеr dоgs - Animals Paradise

Wоmаn оn thе strееts wоn’t Iivе in а shеItеr оr раrt with hеr dоgs

We observe with regret and pain how humans and animals alikе are victims of desertion and laziness on a daily basis.

However, despite how difficult life can be for some and how ungrateful some people can be, often those with the least often serve as the best examples of compassion and unwavering love.

In a shосking incident that occurred a week ago, authorities in Tijuana, Mexico, discovered a 65-year-old woman in the middle of the street in the pouring rain.

In a shосking incident that occurred a week ago, authorities in Tijuana, Mexico, discovered a 65-year-old woman in the middle of the street in the pouring rain.

She was in a terrible situation when a Tik Tok user @OmarMartinezTj saw it and decided to capture it with the intention of sharing it on social media to reach out to those who could assist her.

He was devastated by what he saw and felt completely powerless.
She created a makeshift shelter inside the bags and cuddled his six dogs to keep them warm.

When the police finally showed up, they spent the next 30 minutes trying to persuade her to go to a shelter.

They had no idea she would respond in this way:

Mrs. Chole sobbed, “I don’t want to go, I don’t need help, I’m great here.”

“I don’t want them to take away my pregnant dog,” she said. Neither the Shark nor the other.

Chole was reluctant to leave that hostile spot because she was afraid of being detained by the police.

She admitted as much in a later video that tiktoker released, saying that her dogs would be helpless if she were taken to the shelter. Which is why I sobbed.

Chole’s forced to give up a roof and adequate living conditions since pets are prohibited, which is really upsetting. On the other hand, their love is so strong that it is simple to picture the close bond between this admirable woman and their six furry offspring.

They couldn’t leave her in the open, the policeman claimed. Both she and her six puppies might suffer from hypothermia as a result of those days’ heavy rainfall and chilly temperatures.

When they eventually succeeded in persuading her and escorting her to safety, a flood of rage and outrage was sparked by what transpired next.

She explains why she was unable to remain there for longer in the second video that Omar Martinez posted:

We struggle to understand how a son could sleep soundly when his mother is in a life-thrеаtening situation.

The woman, who makes a living by selling plastics and other trash she finds in the trash, claims that the safety of her puppies is what matters most to her. I would most likе to shаrе a small space with them.

They are my love and company beyond all else, guard me from outsiders, keep me warm at night, and accompany me everywhere.

She had really already thrown “croquettes and tantrums” the following morning and possibly hadn’t even eaten breakfast.

“Animals are the only things that will always exist. and your household? Nothing more devoted and appreciative than them, I always said,” one person remarked.

Another person said, “I couldn’t sleep when I saw the picture of him lying in a garbage bag with his six dogs.”

Few people came to help Chole in any other ways despite the film and photographs moving and even causing some to cry. Up until one Tijuana citizen, Alejandra Cordova Castro, made the extra effort to go see her.

She was dismayed to discover that nobody actually assisted her. He therefore packed some food and blankets.

She thanked me so much that I started crying.

Then he pleaded with anyone passing by to give him money or even just a bat. She also made the offer for anybody wanting to pick something up for her to drive it themselves in her car. On Facebook, Alejandra has a contact page.

We sincerely hope that this heartwarming tale keeps spreading so that this woman will have the happy ending she so well deserves. You only need to click once to send it to all of your friends.

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