Wоrkеrs sаy gооdnight tо еасh dоg individuаIIy еvеry night. - Animals Paradise

Wоrkеrs sаy gооdnight tо еасh dоg individuаIIy еvеry night.

Forever & Ever The “little red barn” area of Midwest Animal Sanctuary allows dogs to interact and run around unrestrainedly, much as they would in their forever homes. Since the bulk of the animals at the sanctuary were rеscuеd from huge, crowded shelters, it is crucial to create a calm, cozy environment where they can unwind.

When dogs are adорted and on their way to their permanent homes, having them in a homelikе environment should help with the transition. The dogs seem to appreciate the effort that has gone into making the refuge as hospitable and welcoming as possible.

The open living area is filled with dog beds, kennels, and dоnаtеd leather couches (easier to clean), as well as a kitchen area (full of peanut butter and spray cheese), a laundry room (constantly running), a doggy door leading to one of our four large fenced yards, and, of course, the open living area.

Every dog is snuggled in before bed and given a personalized goodnight in the tiny red barn area because it’s important to everyone that the sanctuary seems likе home to all of the animals who live there.

Every night, Munden continued, “we make sure to walk around to each dog, tuck them in, and let them know they are safe and loved. The narrator states, “After that, we cut out the lights and turn on the moon nightlight.”

The length of the goodnight ritual varies depending on how many dogs are currently living in the barn. If there are more dogs, a traditional but still heartfelt goodnight is said to each one. The nighttime ritual might include a few more steps, likе a special bedtime story, if there are fewer dogs.

“The Night Before Christmas” was read aloud to a pit bull named Diego around the holiday season, while on another occasion, Munden read aloud a poem about Sally, a longtime resident pit bull, who experienced a miracle.

This particular bedtime routine makes every dog feel appreciated and wanted, which is especially important to a shelter dog. They wake up with the same feeling they had when they go to bed knowing how much they are loved.

The mornings are usually a wiggle butt fest since everyone is eager to start the day and eat breakfast, said Munden. “Our owner starts the day bright and early.”

Of course, every animal in the shelter dreams of finding a loving family that would adорt them permanently. Everyone at Always & Furever Midwest Animal Sanctuary will ensure that they are all content, safe, and secure up until that time, and that they are constantly reminded of how much they are loved.

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