Dоnkеy smiIеs аftеr bеing rе.sсuеd frоm fIооdwаtеrs - Animals Paradise

Dоnkеy smiIеs аftеr bеing rе.sсuеd frоm fIооdwаtеrs

Suzanne Gibbons knew she had to sаvе the trapped donkey when she saw it in a flood-filled river. She posted a request on her Animal Heaven Animal Rescue (AHAR) Facebook page asking for individuals with boats to come forward to help because, unfortunately, she didn’t have one and couldn’t swim.

Fortunately, Killorglin Rowing Club member Mike Fleming noticed her ad and arrived with his boat.

“He was my last ditch effort to ask for a boat over the phone. I immediately recognized his courage. Just come on, girl, and let’s try it. Don’t be negative.

Declan Murphy, Gibbons, and Fleming all made an effort to free the imprisoned animal. With the help of a rope and a life preserver, the poor animal was successfully dragged out of the water.

Declan put a lot of effort into wrapping the rope and buoyancy device around the fearful and worn-out donkey at this point. In a news statement announcing the daring rеscuе, it was stated that the donkey was “towed” to land and dragged out to safety.

The donkey was beaming broadly as he finally touched down on solid ground. In remembrance of his saviour, he has been given the name “Mike” with fondness.

We are content that he has a caring owner and is receiving excellent care. Only because of a storm-dаmаgеd gate was he able to escape from his stable.

Source: beopeo.com