Тhis is Сарtаin's nеw Iifе аftеr bеing viсiоusIy bеаtеn by а grоuр оf kids. - Animals Paradise

Тhis is Сарtаin’s nеw Iifе аftеr bеing viсiоusIy bеаtеn by а grоuр оf kids.

His name is Captain, and he was assaulted in Los Almendros, Almera, by some young people. Captain probably wouldn’t be alive today if it weren’t for the kindness and concern of a few people and an animal rеscuе group. Thankfully, the perpetrators of this heinous mistreatment have since been detained.

They battered the poor animal, then left him outside a school. When a teacher noticed the animal’s dire situation, she called the “La Huella Roja” animal sanctuary.

The animal had multiple wounds on its body and was underweight.

The worst part of the entire incident is that an adult who was over 30 years old was one of the youngsters when the criminals were finally apprehended. What a loss…

He was moved to Seville’s “La Huella Roja” shelter, where he received the medical attention he required and made a full recovery.

The Captain’s life has changed drastically. He is now a content donkey!

Unfortunately, the laws in Spain do not adequately penalize those who аttасk animals on a daily basis.

The captain was fortunate, but many creatures are not.

Source: beopeo.com