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A Visit From Real Bambi Surprises Her Deer-Loving Dy.ing Mother

A heartbreaking film shows a dy.ing woman getting her final wish. All the woman wanted was to see a deer one last time because she had spent her entire life watching the movie “Bambi.” To surprise their mother with a fawn, the woman’s daughters go to tremendous measures. The touching scene was caught on tape!

For the past few months, Lisa McDonald and her sister have been taking care of their ailing mother. Sadly, during this month, things took a turn for the worse, and the old woman passed away. She consequently informed her family that she wished to see a deer once again. These adorable animals completely enchanted Lisa’s mother, who eventually developed an obsession with the classic “Bambi” movie.

She wears a Bambi T-shirt in bed, and she has Bambi statues all around her house, wrote Lisa in the well-known Facebook group The Kindness Pandemic. Bambi T-shirts have been called our nursing uniforms by my sister and I as well as the rest of our loving family.

Even though Lisa knew it would be challenging, she had to make one more attempt to please her mother by bringing a live deer into the hospital. She just met a couple from Melbourne who operate a mobile mini-farm, and lucky for her, they also have a deer named “Bambi.” Lisa and her family decided to plan a visit for their mother as a result.

It’s beautiful to see them enter the space holding the deer. Lisa’s mother seems happier than ever as she gently strokes the adorable animal. Everybody shed a tear during that particular scene.

“Simone and Chris [the deer owners] intervened right away after my mother’s condition deteriorated dramatically today… They traveled 2.5 hours to bring Bambi to see mum, according to Lisa. simply out of kindness and love. For everything they’ve done for my mother and family, I can’t thank them enough.

Source: theanimaljoy.com