Five ducklings are cared for by a baby monkey as if they were his family. - Animals Paradise

Five ducklings are cared for by a baby monkey as if they were his family.

It’s great to witness babies of different species interacting with one another. Now, it’s the monkey and his five duckling pals that are winning people over. I just seen a video of this unusual pair hanging around, and they are the cutest thing ever.

Over 45 million people have watched this eight-minute short that was shot almost a month ago. But you’ll be completely smitten with it in just a minute. Seeing a young monkey care for a group of ducklings as if they were his own siblings will make you smile.

There is obviously a link between the ducklings and their friend, but how that link came to be is a mystery. As if he were their mother, the baby ducklings flock to the baby monkey, and the monkey is continually trying to cuddle his smaller pals.

Nonetheless, after a brief pursuit, appetites were aroused. The two always sit down to a meal together. The adorable ducklings serve the rice, as the monkey drinks from a bottle of milk. After eating that, you would think they would need to rest for a while, but they don’t. The action keeps going.

Though the duckling follows the monkeys everywhere, things become more complicated when he climbs a tree. Even more baffling to him was why his furry companions weren’t trailing close after, but he eventually spotted them at the very bottom of the trio.
It’s the greatest thing ever to see a bunch of adorable lads just hanging around together all day. Read on down below!