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Just in time, a stray dog decides to follow a woman home.

Karen saw that someone was following her as she walked down the sidewalk in her neighborhood.

Following closely behind, the German shepherd had been tensely expressing curiosity yet maintaining a polite distance.

I wasn’t terrified of her following, Karen, who asked that her last name not be published, told The Dodo. I initially tried to approach her, but she was too scared. I sat on the curb and waited.

Because of the breed of the dog, Karen was worried that she might have been abandoned and she immediately felt a connection to her. She was unable to leave her behind.

She found that despite repeated reports of the stray pup being seen in the area, no one had been able to gain her trust.

Karen said, “Security, neighbors, and the Humane Society all tried to catch her.”

For some reason, the wary dog seemed to feel more comfortable around Karen. After considerable pleading and bribes, the pup finally consented to let Karen take her home.

“I was the first one she allowed close enough,” Karen continued. I think it’s very amazing how these things work out.

The match looked predetermined. After losing her beloved golden retriever, Lola, in 2019, Karen was on the fence about obtaining a new dog. She had no idea how easily her new best buddy would enter her life. She quickly fell in love with the puppy and gave it the name Nala.

Karen said, “Nala followed me and allayed any fears I could have had about finally getting a dog. Sometimes, even when you think you’re not prepared for a situation, fate steps in and says, “Uh, yeah, you are.”

I’m amazed by how many people my reel affected, but I’m also overjoyed that they care about rescue! Commented Karen.

Nala had one more surprise up her sleeve when Karen thought she had finished her story, writes pawmypets.com

When Nala started exhibiting signs of nausea and bloating, Karen got worried. She went to the vet for guidance.

It became became clear that Nala was pregnant and not unwell.

8 healthy puppies were born to Nala in a matter of days.

Nala is the ideal mother!
Commented Karen. “I’m still really shocked and filled with excitement!”

Although Nala hadn’t been eating much and the veterinarian estimated that Karen had found her to be four weeks along, Nala hadn’t been overtly pregnant. The problem wasn’t apparent until Karen began feeding Nala regularly.

“These moments that happen might lead you to places you never ever dreamed,” claims Karen.

Karen probably had no idea what Nala would lead her down when they happened to cross paths that day while out for a walk. Karen wouldn’t trade her experience or her new dog for anything, though.

Now, all I can do is make sure she’s secure and content forever,” Karen said. She also helped save me, but I had to help her first.

Source: pawmypets.com