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A man goes swimming with a polar bear that he spent more than 20 years raising!

That’s pure love right there, precious beauty, I love it!

Being around a polar bear also requires a lot of bravery. They are still wild creatures even if he swam with them.
That’s amazing but also a little frightening. I’m glad the bear likes and respects you so much!

Pet ownership is being elevated to entirely new levels by Mark Dumas.
Polar bears are magnificent and storied creatures. They are among the most valuable species on the planet, and many people are working hard to ensure that they survive and thrive in the wild.

The fact that polar bears are not at all white is another another fascinating truth about them. They have transparent hair that reflects light, giving them the appearance of being as white as snow. Their skin is essentially coal black, which helps them blend in with their surroundings.

Not only is Mark the only man in the world swimming with a polar bear, but he’s also the only man in the world who is 60 years old. Polar bear just so happens to be his steadfast pal.

Agee, Mark’s 800-pound, 16-year-old polar bear, loves to regularly dive into Mark’s swimming pool. Mark kisses, hugs, and fights with Agee. In addition, he digs his head right into her enormous paws. From Abbotsford, British Columbia, Mark is a polar bear educator who has worked with animals for more than 40 years.

Mark asserts that he can observe Agee and determine how to communicate safely with her. He acknowledges that she is in authority and follows her commands.

That is the most adorable thing I have ever seen. Agee is content, well-cared for, and surrounded by all the affection she needs. It’s adorable how her dad runs up to her and she dives into the pool. like a sympathetic, 800 pd.

Geese are similar to bears in that they imprint on humans when they are young and cannot be released outside of a zoo or wildlife park.

Amazing, what fortunate to speak with this lovely woman! Amazing and rare!! A benefit for both!
Wishing him well and blessings.

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